Handcrafted recycled sterling silver jewellery
From the moment I first picked up a hammer to start banging away on a piece of silver, I felt like I had come home. There was a soothing familiarity to the activity that quickly led to me setting up my own studio so I could practice the craft of silversmithing.I am passionate about our return to the values and quality of the past, when we spent time making things, with a lot of care and effort. A time where communities were created around makers and artisans, where you had the village cobbler, baker and tailor. A time when people chatted over needles clacking away, and took care of what they had until it could no longer serve them. This was a much gentler time for the individual and the community, and also for the planet!It is this passion and love for our planet that inspires me to contribute what I can to ‘be the change I wish to see in the world’. Therefore I only use reclaimed metals in my pieces, and take care when using stones to source the most ethically-sound options available to me at the time.
Recycling and being creative with resources has always been at the forefront of my creative endeavours, and that follows through every aspect of my jewellery production and packaging.

I love creating custom items – please contact me if you would like something made personally for you.